Automatic Transmission Fluids

Automatic Transmission Fluids

Transmission Oils

Drivemax ATF Plus 4
Code: 1301000/..

Drivemax ATF Plus 4 automatic transmission fluid is for use in most types of Japanese, Korean, and Chrysler vehicles that require ATF 4 plus or prior specifications.

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Drivemax VI
Code: 1305000/..

Drivemax VI is a next generation, synthetic transmission fluid approved for use in passenger car and light truck automatic transmissions that require a GM Dexron VI or earlier generation fluid.

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Drivemax III
Code: 1304000/..

Drivemax III is an automatic transmission fluid formulated with premium, severely hydroprocessed base stocks and additives that helps provide oxidation and thermal stability, friction control...

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Drivemax HD
Code: 1309900/..

DRIVEMAX HD is an ultra high performance synthetic transmission fluid which is designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern heavy duty automatic transmissions.

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Drive II
Code: 1303000/..

Drive II is an automatic transmission oil combines highly refined base stocks and one of the latest additives technologies. It is used in passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and industrial ...

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Drive A
Code: 1302000/..

Drive AFT A is a multi-purpose transmission fluid , designed for use in automatic gearboxes, where GM Type A Suffix A is quoted. Its special formula enables very smooth operation of torque converters

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Drivemax CVT
Code: 1307000/..

DriveMax CVT is a fully synthetic premium multi-vehicle transmission fluid for passenger cars and vans. A well-balanced fluid that provides exceptional metal-to-metal frictional properties to..

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LHM Plus Fluid
Code: 1308000/..

LHM Plus Fluid is high performance multipurpose mineral based brake and clutch fluid& hydraulic system fluid specially designed for use in Citron XM, XANTIA, BX, CX, SM, GS.

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Code: 1309716/..

Farmol STOU UTTO is a universal oil, which has been especially developed for agricultural machinery. It is optimally suited for agricultural machinery, combining the features of an excellent engin...

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Code: 1310761/..

TO-4 HD is designed for power shift transmissions, final drives and wet brakes on heavy duty off-highway equipment in earthmoving, mining, logging, road transport and agricultural applications.

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