We hold specialization in formulating a wide array of Automotive, Industrial and Specialty Greases...

Fricto Calcium Grease (Multi-Purpose)
Code: 3391904/..

Lubrex Fricto Calcium MP greases consist of refined paraffinic base stock, calcium based thickener and special additive package.

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Fricto Lithium Grease (Multi-Purpose)
Code: 3392904/..

Fricto Lithium MP is multipurpose grease for general lubrication under normal operating conditions and loads, formulated for lubrication of all kinds of universal applications in transport...

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Fricto Lithium EP Grease (Extreme-Pressure)
Code: 3393904/..

Fricto Lithium EP is a Lithium thickened lubricating grease formulated with mineral base oil and improved with extreme pressure (EP) additives to lubricate and protect even in heavy loaded circumsta..

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Optimus Lithium Complex Grease
Code: 3401903/..

Optimus Lithium Complex are extended service lithium complex greases intended for a wide variety of applications and severe operating conditions. They are formulated to provide excellent high ...

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Optimus Mining Grease
Code: 3402903/..

Optimus Mining Grease is designed for the lubrication of extra heavy-duty off-highway and mining equipment.

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Optimus HT Synthetic Grease
Code: 3403905/..

Optimus HT Synthetic Grease is a premium quality lithium complex thickened grease for plain and anti-friction bearing, designed to withstand high temperature over extended periods without leaving dry

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Optimus Moly EP
Code: 3405905/..

Optimus Moly EP are premium quality multi-purpose molybdenum disulfide extreme pressure (EP) greases designed for general industrial applications.

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Optimus Bentonite Grease
Code: 3410905/..

Optimus Bentonite Grease is a premium quality non-melting grease for use in plain and anti-friction bearings subjected to elevated temperatures.

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