Lubrex Protec ST 400 is a solvent based water displacing rust preventive protection fluid used for intermediate storage of workpieces during and after production. It protects the metal surface by forming a light imperceptible residual film. Protec ST 400will displace free standing water and provides short to medium term indoor protection.

Key Performance Benefits:
  • Thin film, non-disernible coating
  • Rapid solvent evaporation
  • Low residues for clean packaging, handling, and post machining processes

Lubrex Protec ST 600 is an oil dispersed non-staining rust preventive designed to deposit a light oily film which provides indoorprotection on steel sheets and other ferrous parts. The Protec ST 600 will neutralize fingerprints and provides excellent waterdisplacing characteristics while preventing the formation of black stains when parts are store in contact with each other.

Key Performance Benefits:
  • Low odor based solvent for worker health and safety
  • Lower residue for clean package and handling and post machining processes
  • Excellent for in-process rust protection

Lubrex Protec ST 900 is corrosion protection fluid that coats metal parts with a soft, waxy film with slight dewatering effect. It isrecommended for strip steel, galvanized steel metal, polished sheet metal, black sheet metal, and other types of metal storedoutside and of course, inside for very long time.

Key Performance Benefits:
  • Rapid solvent evaporation
  • Protection over very long periods
  • Excellent resistance to humidity
  • Lubrex Protec ST may be applied by brushing, spraying, or dipping method.
  • 5L, 20L, 25L, 208L