• Typical applications in automotive equipment are: chassis, bearings, universal joints, fifth wheels, and ball joints. Also recommended for use in construction equipment such as bulldozers, scrapers, loaders, shovels, etc. Recommended for plain bearings and gears. it also can be used in rolling contact bearings, but is not generally recommended for high-precision rolling contact bearings because of the possibility of molybdenum disulfide building up in the clearance. It has application in the consturction, mining, and farming industries.

Features & Benefits:
  • Wide range of industrial and automotive applications
  • Fortified with extreme-pressure additives for heavy loads
  • Contains molybdenum disulfide for extra protection in oscillating, sliding, or vibrating applications
  • Excellent oxidation stability, water resistance, and corrosion protection 
  • 15KG, 180KG