ISO VG Grades:
  • It is formulated for lubrication of roller chains and conveyor components benefiting from high temperature synthetic lubricant. Major applications include high temperature conveyor lines used in coating and curing processes. It is designed and most effective for chain operating temperatures between 350 °F /175 °C and 575 °F /300 °C.    

Features & Benefits:
  • Extremely low volatility reduces application rate and frequency for reduced overall lubricant consumption
  • Minimal residue formation plus self-clean action minimizes housekeeping
  • Pre-existing gum, varnish and carbonaceous residues are dissolved for easy removal
  • Lower lubricant application rates minimize dripping for reduced process contamination
  • Superior fluid film and anti-wear properties result in extended conveyor component life and reduced friction for potential energy savings
  • Low VOCs contribute to a cleaner, safer workplace environment and improved operator acceptance
  • 20L, 25L, 208L