• Prestressed, precast, and pipe plants, RCC structures. Well suited for shutter faces made from wood, steel, fibreglass, aluminium & paper. It reacts chemically with cement to impart excellent release properties to treated surfaces. Concrete cast against surfaces coated with it exhibit a smooth, hard, uniform finish. Optimus Mold Release Agent has no negative effect on properties of concrete nor will it impair the adhesion of subsequent treatments when applied at recommended coverage rates.


  • The coverage rate is 30 to 70m²/litre when spray applied depending on smoothness and porosity of the formwork used.


Features & Benefits:
  • Water-resistant chemical barrier – Ensures fast, clean stripping of forms
  • No residue transfer – Stain-free & less voids
  • Does not harm concrete – compatible
  • Alkali resistant – protects aluminium forms
  • Safe for wood fibres – extends service life
  • Ready to use
  • Rapid drying – immediate placemen
  • 20L, 25L, 208L