Fricto Calcium Grease (Multi-Purpose)

Code: 3391904/..

Fricto Calcium greases consist of refined paraffinic base stock, calcium based thickener and special additive package. These greases possess good water resistance and can be used for lubrication of machine elements operating in conditions where water ingress cannot be avoided. These greases provide protection against rust, corrosion, wear and has outstanding ability to resist water washout.

  • Fricto Calcium Greases are recommended for all types of general applications of automotive and industrial purposes. It is alsoused for plain bearings, universal joints lubrication, nipples steering linkages and chassis suspension parts.
Features & Benefits:
  • Excellent water tolerance and is adaptable to normal grease dispensing systems including centralised lubricationsystems
  • Protection against rust and corrosion
  • 24x250 Grams
  • 12x500 Grams
  • 12x1 KG
  • 1x5 KG
  • 1x15 KG
  • 180KG

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