Optimus Soluble Cutting Oil

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Optimus Soluble Cutting Oil is designed to help offer long service life, have low maintenance requirements and be suitable for a wide range of materials and operations. Offering the right balance between cooling and lubricity, Lubrex Soluble Oils aims to deliver excellent tool life and surface finish, which can help reduce tool regrinding and component rejects.

ISO VG Grades:
  • From boring, milling and tapping on a range of alloy and carbon steels to drilling, reaming and grinding on low carbon and alloy steels and nonferrous metals, Optimus Soluble Cutting Oil can be used equally in individual machine tools or in centralized systems.    

Features & Benefits:
  • Low maintenance and easy use help lift machining productivity. Offering a long service life, Lubrex Soluble Oil Series can help minimize waste and enhance machine tool availability — especially at critical times. The products are easy to mix and monitor, offering low maintenance costs and showing outstanding residual corrosion protection without undesirable residues. Low foaming tendencies, even under high-pressure conditions, can help provide trouble-free operation for modern machining operations.
  • 20L, 25L, 208L

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