Fully Synthetic

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1L, 4L, 5L, 20L, 25L, 208L

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Titan X-Trem is a premium quality fully synthetic engine oil blended from a unique combination of severely hydro-finished polyalphaolefin (PAO) base fluids and a higly stable ester to reduce friction and wear, increase engine efficiency and extend engine life in all types of gasoline engines and light diesel powered passenger cars including those that are naturally aspirated, turbo-charged or supercharged. The unique synthetic formula ensures outstanding oil film resistance at very high temperature, for maximum horsepower and torque output. Titan X-Trem contains extra zinc to protect engines with flat tappet cams and possesses outstanding thermal stability in the most demanding driving conditions.


  • Special anti-wear additive package for ultimate wear protection.
  • Excellent cold cranking and oil pumpability at low temperatures.
  • Enhanced film strength and shear stability at high operating temperatures.
  • Excellent defoaming properties for better lubrication.
  • Superior detergency and dispercency to control the formation of deposits, sludge and varnish.


Titan X-Trem is suitable for use in 4, 6 & 8+ cylinder, multi cam, multi-valve including VVT, naturally aspirated, supercharged & turbocharged engines operating on a wide range of engine rpm. It is recomended for high performance competition vehicles running in circuit & drag racing, rallying, drifting, hill climb and targa. .It is also suitable for use in four stroke motorcycles with wet clutches and meets JASO MA. It is NOT suitable for use in diesel engines fitted with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter).