Oil Analysis

Choose Lubrex for Expert Oil Analysis

Lubricants play a vital part in ensuring that the different components of a machine continue to operate smoothly without overheating or colossal wear problems. Oil Analysis is conducted to determine and monitor a lubricant’s condition. Also, it provides vital information required to safeguard mechanical operation. Cost-effective and important, oil analysis has become essential to condition-based maintenance procedures. For the smooth functioning and maintenance of machines, it is important that oil analysis be conducted on regular intervals.

When we at Lubrex conduct an oil analysis, we do it to gather information on either of the following parameters.

The condition of the lubricant

An oil analysis conducted to analyse the condition of a lubricant can tell us if the lubricant is fit to be used in a certain type of machinery or not. Such tests are essential to decide whether the age, quality or composition of a particular liquid satisfies the lubrication requirements of the machinery it is being used in.

Contaminants in the lubricant

Over time, lubricants are bound to get contaminated. These contaminants, whether dirt particles, metals or water, affect the lubricant’s properties drastically. It is, therefore, essential that a lubricant should be checked for contaminants regularly. An oil analysis undertaken to identify the amount and types of contaminants can help decide if a lubricant is suited for further use or not.

The condition of the machine

While all machines are bound to show some wear and tear, especially near moving parts, machines with contaminated lubricants are more likely to become worn out. An oil analysis conducted to ascertain a machine’s condition is often directed towards finding and analysing any debris found in the lubricant. The results from such an analysis can then be used to take necessary measures.

Why should you choose Lubrex for an oil analysis?

Oil analysis is a cost-effective route, especially if considering the costs of replacing an entire piece of machinery. With over 16 years of lubricant manufacture experience, our R&D team has seasoned expertise in pinpointing and analysing underlying issues via oil analysis.
By undertaking timely corrective measures, based on the results of our oil analysis, you can prolong the lives of your equipment whether it be a car engine or industrial machinery.