Toll Blending

Lubrex — the Market Leader for Premium Toll Blending Manufacturing

At Lubrex, among our many priorities, our clients take the lead. That is why Lubrex offers its clients some of the finest toll blending services in the market.
Our expertise in delivering leading toll blending manufacture services are instrumental towards ensuring our clients’ success without needing them to go through the hassles of extensive R&D, recruitment of skilled labour, construction of dedicated production facilities and procurement of required ISO, OEM, and API certifications.
Here is how we are the best answer to your toll blending needs.

Our Expertise

Ever since its establishment in 2005, Lubrex has been dealing exclusively in high quality lubricants. Brands regardless of their needs have been availing our private label and toll blending services for the past 16 years. We have painstakingly gained a level of expertise in lubricant manufacture that has helped us retain our clients’ trust. If you decide to use our toll blending services, you get access to not only our production potential but also our honed expertise.

Guaranteed High-Quality

When you decide to use our toll blending services, you accelerate your business’ growth. At Lubrex, we do not make compromises on quality and our 60 OEM/API certifications are a testimony to that statement. When you deal with us, you deal in quality.

Less initial investment

By availing our professional toll blending services for your lubricant business, you get to enjoy the production potential of our 5 high-end production facilities, manufacturing a mammoth amount of 90,000 litres on a yearly basis. This means that you save up on the construction and procurement of equipment in the initial stages of your business, allowing you to start even without an unreasonably large capital.

More room for your business to grow

By entrusting us with your lubricant manufacturing needs, you can direct your focus and your resources towards other areas of your business. You give yourself the liberty to focus on marketing, on developing products and gaining a foothold in the market while our energies are focused towards what we do best — manufacturing premium-quality lubricants and greases!

ISO Certifications

Lubrex is ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 45001 certified, thanks to our careful adherence to all quality and regulatory requirements. This means that if you choose us for your toll blending needs, our quality will speak for itself.