We are proud of our relationships with our customers from around the world and in every industry. Over the last 15 years, we’ve been helping them lower costs, improve productivity, enhance equipment efficiency, and much more through our customized services to ensure they meet their needs with pinpoint precision.

Performing an effective oil analysis helps identify possible issues of wear, contamination and changes that could affect the performance and health of the mechanical parts. Proper testing and analysis could also provide optimal performance as it ensures using the right fluid for the right part.
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With a wealth of technical knowledge, quality commitment, and long experience, Lubrex is your best partner when it comes to producing your own lubricants. Every batch of products is tested by our experienced staff in our laboratories for relevant physical and chemical properties.
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Lubrex fully automated production facility is ideal for all your private blending, packaging, and labelling needs. Our team of experts will help you design your own formula based on your specific requirements. We ensure to apply our rigorous tests and quality controls on every product that leaves our plants, whether it has our label or yours, and that is our promise.
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We believe in working with our partners to support their success. Our top-notch products, expertise, and services are all made available for our partners to help their businesses reach the highest levels of productivity. Our team of engineers will help you better understand the condition of your equipment and industrial lubricants and develop tailored lubrication solutions to lower operation costs and keep the equipment running at peak efficiency.
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