Private Labeling

Launch your brand with Lubrex® — Private label lubricant & grease manufacturer

Lubrex provides its clients a remarkable opportunity to enter the lubricant industry via private label services without having to raise and maintain an expensive production facility.
Lubrex has got all your lubricant needs covered with its 5 production facilities that manufacture an impressive 90 million litres per annum. Since our establishment in 2005, we have been helping build brands via our private labelling and toll-blending services. For over 16 years, we have employed our modern production facilities to blend and manufacture high-end, premium lubricants for multiple brands, big and small.
Here is why you should choose Lubrex to private label the lubricants and greases of your brand.

Availability of a wide range of products

At Lubrex, we have the capability to blend and manufacture a variety of automotive, industrial and special lubricants. With such a wide range of products, we can fulfil and satisfy all your lubricant needs regardless of what they are. Rest assured that if you need it, we have it.

Exclusively high-quality products

As a matter of policy, Lubrex only makes and delivers high quality premium lubricants. State of the art technology is meticulously employed to convert high quality, German formulated base oils into lubricants for your brand. This exclusive dealing in only high-quality lubricants has helped us carve out a reputation of reliability among our clients and acquire 60 OEM/API approvals over the years.

Competitive pricing

We at Lubrex believe in facilitating our clients only with products that are great value for money. We can and will provide your desired lubricants under your brand’s name, at the most economical prices, without a single compromise on the quality that is our identity.

Short delivery time

As they say, “time is money”. We at Lubrex, are fully aware of the importance of time and ensure that we deliver strictly within two weeks. Our adherence to such a fast delivery schedule ensures that your brand can be conquering the market earlier than anticipated.

Communication transparency

Ever since the formation of Lubrex, we have ensured that we communicate and deal with our clients in a very transparent manner. With such emphasis on transparency in communication, we have painstakingly built a reputation of trust among the ever-growing number of our clients.

Marketing and technical support throughout the process

At Lubrex, your success is our priority, therefore, we provide marketing and technical support to our clients at every level. Our in-house sales team helps clients with marketing their brands while our graphic team and chemical engineers ensure that the product is perfected in every manner, whether it be labels and logos or product quality, we do not make compromises on any level. Throughout the process of launching a brand, you can count on our expertise.

Export sales assistance

At Lubrex, you can rely on our dedicated export sales manager to help you export lubricants under your brand’s name. As Lubrex already exports more than 3000 containers, we can extend our help at every level of the exporting procedure whether logistical or legal. Everything, from arrangement of export documents to logistics arrangements, is assisted by us.

Get FREE Exclusive Mold for your market

To get you started with most facility, you get FREE mold valued at 30K USD (terms & conditions apply) when you avail Lubrex private label oil manufacturing services!
We at Lubrex intend to help you launch your brand of lubricants and take it to unprecedented heights.