Fully Synthetic

SAE Viscosity Grade

VG 32


20L, 25L, 208L

Available Grades

VG 32


Optimus Therm SX2 is high performance product intended for service in closed loop heat transfer systems. These fluids are formulated from hydrocracked synthetic base stocks that are resistant to thermal cracking and chemical oxidation. They are very  thermally stable and are capable of an extremely long service life without deposit forma-tion or viscosity increase.

This oil has good heat transfer efficiency and it’s viscosity is such that it can be pumped readily at both start-up and operating  temperatures. It demonstrate specific heat and thermal conductivity that provide more rapid heat dissipation. The flash points of  this oil will not decrease significantly in service because of its resistance to thermal cracking at the operating temperatures for which it is recommended.



  • High resistance to thermal cracking and decomposition makes these oils free from sludge and coke deposits and minimum interference with heat transfer capability and minimized mainte-nance needs
  • Excellent thermal properties results in High heat transfer rates and improved operating efficiency and lower operating  costs
  • Good thermal and oxidative stability provides long trouble free service life and reduce downtime
  • Good low temperature fluidity makes easy starting of cold system


  • Heating of domestic and industrial premises
  • Production of steam and hot water
  • Temperature control for storage bins
  • Asphalt plants and terminals
  • Continuous chemical preocessing
  • Heating of heat treatment baths, autoclaves reaction vessels, furnaces, dies, tunnel driers injection moulding machines, Etc…,
  • Manufacturing processes (cement works, paper mills timber industry, etc…)
  • Maximum Film Temptrature 340 °C
  • Maximum Bulk Temperature 320 °C


  • Classified as ISO 6743-12 Family Q
  • Meets typically DIN 51522 requirements