Industrial Lubricants

Industrial Lubricants

Lubrex industrial lubricants are formulated to help enhance your machine's productivity while delivering optimum performance...

Vector EP
Code: 2351808/..

Vector EP gear lubricants are high performance, multipurpose mineral oil based lubricants designed for many types of industrialgear lubrication services where loads and shock loadings are high.

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Vector HD
Code: 2352808/..

Vector HD are synthetic industrial gear oils designed to provide outstanding protection of gears and bearings, extended oil life even under extreme conditions, helping to enable problem-free operation

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Torque AW
Code: 2361802/..

Torque AW hydraulic fluids are based on highly refined mineral oil and enhanced with advanced additive package. It's excellent oxidation resistance delivers good performance at higher temperatures and

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Torque HVLP
Code: 2364804/..

Torque HVLP hydraulic oil is a high viscosity index antiwear hydraulic oil. It is formulated to have a high viscosity index and a low pour point for use over a wider temperature range than ...

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Code: 2365804/..

Torque SYNTHETIC HVLP hydraulic oils are synthetic hydraulic oils with excellent high temperature performance, high degree of shear stability and oxidation resistance. These oils are formulated to ...

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Code: 2371804/..

The Comprol is a line of premium performance ashless air compressor lubricants designed to meet the stringent requirements of the major compressor manufacturers...

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Code: 2372804/..

Comprol SYNTHETIC is a fully synthetic, non-detergent, ash less, non -zinc containing anti-wear, rust and oxidation inhibited premium quality oil that is specially formulated to satisfy the lubricatio

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Code: 2381804/..

REFROL are premium quality naphthenic oils, blended for use in refrigeration compressors.

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Code: 2387000/..

Lubrex PROTEC HF120 oil is a premium quality blend of high flash point base fluids and rust preventive additives.

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Code: 2386000/..

Lubrex PROTEC ST are solvent based rust preventive protection fluids used for intermediate storage of workpieces during and after production...

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