1L, 4L, 5L, 20L, 25L, 208L


Moto Pro Air Filter Oil has been specially formulated for “wet type” foam air filters for four and two-stroke engines. Through a carefully designed balance of selected base oils and additives, the product provides excellent performance in preventing airborne dirt and abrasive particles from passing through the fuel intake system into the combustion chamber.


  • Developed to ensure excellent performance for motorcycle filters.
  • High filtering efficiency for extended filter and engine life.
  • Maintains air flow for instant engine response and maximum power output.


Moto Pro Air Filter Oil is designed for use in all oiled foam elements.

NOTE: Wear solvent resistant gloves when using Air Filter Oil.
Ensure the foam air filter is clean. To clean, wash a dirty filter in solvent (for example, kerosene or distillate) to remove oil and dirt. Squeeze out any remaining solvent carefully, taking care not to damage the foam element. Service the foam air filter regularly in  accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions, and particularly when the unit has been used in dusty and dirty operating  environments.

NOTE: If the air filter is washed with a degreaser and then with water, remove as much water as possible by shaking or squeezing between an absorbent material or leaving to dry, before applying air filter oil.

Do not apply or mix air filter oil with any other fluid to the wet type foam air filters otherwise the efficiency of the product will be impaired.