SAE Viscosity Grade

VG 68


20L, 25L, 208L

Available Grades

VG 32

VG 46

VG 68


Optimus Turbine AW range of turbine oils are premium quality antiwear type oils formulated from severely hydro treated base stocks. These oils are blended by using a complex additive system to provide required anti wear performance and oxidative  stability against high local temperatures during operation. Optimus Turbine AW oils demonstrate excellent air release, foaming  and water separation properties for steam turbines making them suitable and compliant for gas and steam turbines in single train sharing a common oil reservoir.



  • Meets a wide range of steam and gas turbine oil requirements.
  • Excellent thermal stability.
  • Excellent oxidation resistance.
  • Good demulsification properties
  • Excellent corrosion inhibition performance

PERFORMANCE LEVELS: Meets and Exceeds:

  • BS 489: 1999
  • DIN 51515 Part 1 (L-TD)
  • DIN 51515 Part 2 (L-TG)
  • GEK 28143B, GEK 32568K, GEK 46506E, GEK 101941A, GEK 107395A
  • ITN 52220.02
  • ITN 52220.03
  • Alstom HTGD 90117
  • TLV 9013 04
  • TLV 9013 05
  • MAT812108, MAT812109
  • Solar ES 9-224 AA Class II


Optimus Turbine AW range is recommended for the lubrication of highly loaded industrial gas turbines, aero derivative power turbines and driven machinery as well as turbo machinery.