API Performance Level

GL-5 / MT-1

SAE Viscosity Grade



1L, 4L, 5L, 20L, 25L, 208L

Available Grades





Shift Ultra HD are extra high performance commercial gear lubricants which contain select base oils and a balanced additive system. Shift Ultra HD provide excellent chemical and thermal stability at elevated bulk oil temperatures and good performance at low temperatures. Complies with current manufacturers’ regulations that demand oils with long drainage periods, enabling double or triple the interval between oil changes in comparison with conventional mineral oils.


  • Excellent thermal stability and resistance to high temperature oxidation
  • Good protection against low speed/high torque wear and against high speed scoring
  • Longer drain intervals by resisting high temperature degradation
  • Compatible with typical automotive seals and gaskets
  • Excellent rust, staining and corrosion protection
  • Effective low temperature lubrication
  • Good resistance to foaming
  • Maximum protection, anti-shudder additive technology


Shift Ultra HD SAE 80W-90 & SAE 85W-140 meet the requirements of long-lasting oils for differentials and manual gearboxes that require the API GL-5 quality level. These products are specially recommended for commercial and civil-works vehicles working under harsh conditions and requiring a high performance lubricant.
Shift Ultra HD SAE 75W-90 is designed for lubricating mainly differentials and some vehicle gearboxes and transmissions. Provides
excellent performance in rear axles and shafts of heavy vehicles due to its capacity to withstand heavy loads and its exceptional fluidity at low temperatures. Contributes to fuel saving and enables extended drain intervals.