Fully Synthetic

SAE Viscosity Grade



ACEA-16 C3


1L, 4L, 5L, 20L, 25L, 208L

Available Grades



Velocity Specific RN17 is a high performance engine oil developed to meet RN17, the latest specification for Renault vehicles (Renault, Dacia, Samsung) fitted with TGDI and EURO VI engines. The 100% Synthetic base stock provides a high thermal stability and low volatility which ensures an exceptional resistance to varnish and sludge formation and maintains engine cleanliness. Outstanding oxidation resistance of the lubricant results in extended oil drain intervals set by the car manufacturer. Velocity Specific RN17 meets high quality standards, facilitating optimum engine performance and extended component life by virtue of fast and effective lubrication across a wide temperature range.


  • Advanced engine protection under all driving conditions.
  • Prolongs the life and maintain the efficiency of particulate filters and catalytic converters.
  • Keep engine clean from deposits for optimal efficiency and long life.
  • Excellent protection against viscosity and thermal breakdown


Velocity Specific RN17 is designed for most gasoline engines (except Renault Sport & Alpine) and new Euro 6d diesel engines (2018 onwards) as well as all Diesel without DPF. Velocity Specific RN 17 is suitable for use in vehicles where a Renault RN 17 specification SAE 5W30 lubricant is required. The RN17 standard does not apply to diesel engines requiring RN0720.